Jewish Freier and Pakistani Shareef

29 Sep

I was reading an article

One of the biggest fears of an Israeli is to be a frier—Yiddish for pushover—a person who is taken advantage of by, among other things, following rules. Unfortunately, far too many Israelis—and their elected officials—equate fidelity to the rule of law with being such a fool.

That word got me interested, especially an undertone that same word that might be describing someone’s good nature, deed or act could be used to condescend him

Searching for the word I found following

“Freier” is Yiddish and can be roughly translated as “sucker.” But it goes deeper than that–a freier is one duped into doing something to someone else’s benefit while receiving nothing oneself. To the Israeli, no swine, no creeping thing is lower or more vile than the freier.

In both cases the word was reflection of  not only their society but of Pakistani also. In our society the person defined to be  Chalak , Hushear (clever, intelligent) as one who can use others to do their work, who can work around his deficiencies not by removing them but by covering them. On the other hand Person who are not interested in cheating, want to stand in the line (whether it is bill line or line of food on Wedding Ceremonies), who tends to do the things if someone asks even when he knows he might not get squat out of it, is called Shareef Insan i.e. Gentelman 🙂

The most interesting label I heard was  someone calling such a person, Dewa (the oil lamp). Because oil lamp’s flame is straight up, gives light to everyone by burning it self.

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