A tough Day for Pakistan as Terrorists wreak havoc

15 Oct

Past week has been really tough one for Pakistan.  Multiple suicide attacks and most importantly some shoot out style attacks on the offical buildings. The vigor and effect of these attacks is very important to notice. These attacks show planning and effectiveness in execution of terrorists, it also shows weakness of our administration.

How in the world these people have been able to execute same style attacks? Why people having such weaponry are able to roam in the streets of Pakistan.

And Today there is news of about 4 attacks going around in Lahore.

May Allah Help Us.

Most Important thing is these attacks should not push us to make decisions which are not acceptable to our conciousness. Where they should not force us to negotiate with the Terrorists giving them upper hand, they also should not force us to let go the civil rights. They also should not force us to sign any accord that is against our national interests.

Sanity, that’s what these people want to steal from us, we should not give them this


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