Sultan Rahi and Principal of Evil Marksmanship

21 Oct

It seems all effects of Sultan Rahi not dented by single bullet and Ametab being able to successfully destroy whole Island of villain has a proper name, it is called Principal of Evil Marksmanship. Wikipedia explains and details it very nicely.

The term first appeared in film critic Roger Ebert‘s 1980 book “Little Movie Glossary”,[1] and had been submitted by Jim Murphy of New York. It was defined as:

The bad guys are always lousy shots in the movies. Three villains with Uzis will go after the hero, spraying thousands of rounds which miss him, after which he picks them off with a handgun.

So finally I know the name of the art being followed by our film heroes (yes I still call it film, Guardian does it too). Although Hollywood is also pron to it (that’s why they have name for it 🙂 ) but somehow their films execute same idea quite gracefully. I remember a scene in which Sultan Rahi and her female accomplice were avoiding bullets by just bending down quickly. Not once but again and again.


Other interesting terms on the same page are Stormtrooper Effect and One-at-a-time Attack Rule. Last one is most interesting because you see it all the time in movies.  Shahrukh Khan, Ametabh, Dharmendar and even Jackie Chen, they all fight one to one, now they have progressed to 2 at a time. 3 people attacking at same time is rarity. And why the hell only one person in whole gang has the gun, and all the guys are fighting to get it; if you remember last scene of Don (original version).

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