Green Genes

24 Oct

No it is not about Pakistan. If you think everything Green is about Pakistan than please do your self a service and take your head out of …..

Fill in the blank according to how many “American Slangs”-Lecture Series you have attended.

I know we are passing through rough patch (question will be when in time we were not in rough patch) and with it there are whole lot of new conspiracy theories,. religious views and spiritual view. Nothing against any of them, but

Yes it is not typo mistake it is not trans gender it is transgenic.

Any how this is interesting story, Monkey who is Trans-Genetic.

Yes it is not typo mistake it is not trans gender it is transgenic.

baby marmosets whose feet glowed green under ultraviolet light. Researchers at the Central Institute for Experimental Animals in Kawasaki, Japan, had genetically engineered the monkeys to incorporate a gene, derived from jellyfish, that produces green fluorescent protein. It was the first time scientists had added a gene to a primate in such a way that a new trait could be passed to a second generation.

<Urdu>Mehwea Herat Hoon Dunya Keya sea Keya Hoa Jae Ge <By Iqbal>

Trans of whole pair of verses is “What I see (for future)  can’t be expressed in words,  I am shocked how different  this world will be” <TRANSLATION PROVIDED WITH APOLOGIES, BECAUSE i KNOW IT CANNOT TRANSMIT BEAUTY AND STRENGTH ORIGINAL VERSION HAVE>

Where are we in whole this ? It is not conspiracy that we are not part of any of it. We seriously need to discussed how all these new research regarding Stem Cell, genetics, etc… will effect us.

I am still taking how amazing this news is. I might be overexcited, but the idea that someone can actually work on changing the genes and mixing the traits.  Wao!

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