How to Say “Can I Have” in America

07 Jan

Today while ordering a Tuna Sandwich (yes I did this mistake again but not at Subway) I told lady at the counter Can I have This, This and This. She said yes you can have it.  Then there was moment she was looking at me and I was looking at her.

She said What do you wan to have?

I said Can I have this, this and this.  She said yes you can order them together but again she did not did anything.

She looked at me with question, and I was  I already told her what I want in my sandwich.

When few of these confusing moments passed, I figured out the problem.

I again said Can I have this, this and this.

yes! you can have them

Then I want this, this and this in my sandwich

Problem solved 🙂

I got my sandwich yes it was Tuna Salad Sandwich with all it’s ugliness and bad feeling that comes after eating Tuna Salad.

However I learned very important thing, difference in what We Think We are Saying and What Other’s think We are Saying.

Then I figures our

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