100,000 people died in Haiti; Help Needed

14 Jan

According to the Guardian 100,000 people have died in the Haiti,

The video on the guardian shows their plight. I am remembering Kashmir Earthquake. Especially when I heard that one of the hospital has collapsed. It’s unfortunate for the 3rd world countries, the places where people take shelter in case of disasters are the ones that collapse. In Kashmir parts of hospital and many schools became dirt killing many who were in them.

It appears Haiti is even worse than Kashmir, their Tax house and parliament have also collapsed.  It’s one of the poorest countries.  According to National Geographic “cookies made of dirt, salt, and vegetable shortening have become a regular meal”, can you imagine eating dirt?

I wish I could be of any help. The UF is holding a vigil, but vigil will not feed people. They need money, more importantly then need medical supplies, bare minimum housing, medical professionals, they need volunteers and professionals to take care of them. What can I say even UN has many of his people missing, I hope they are found, because must be knowing more about Haiti than people who will fly in from outside.

CNN is telling about the Groups looking for Aid

International Red Crescent and Red Cross are looking for the funds.

Look at the Clinton’s address posted on CNN, according to him they need cash, which make sense. Instead of everyone trying to donate the things, it’s much easier and manageable if people give cash.

I don’t know what is going around in the Gainesville, if we are holding any fund collection service or not. Today I saw one student collecting funds for the Haiti, but don’t know if it is organized effort or single person effort. DO tell me if someone knows what’s going around.

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