Tim Tebow: should religion decide NFL draft

22 Apr

In his  “Tebow mixing strong beliefs with football”  Les Carpenter talks about how the religion might effect his draft. He quotes out AFC front office executive (no names were given) that he does not want any part of Tim Tebow or his circus. Then he discusses how Tim Tebow’s appearance in the advertisement can polarize him.

I am studying at Gainesville, here Tim Tebow is a big thing. UF and it’s students are really proud of him; and this feeling of being proud and love does not only come from his game. His game and techniques have many shortcomings but many people like him because of his personality. He is not another bad and wild Quarter back. Three years in Gainesville and only once I heard something negative about him.

Question is what if that has been reversed what if in some religious country a player despite his playing capabilities was not being selected due to his/her religious views? Will that be acceptable?

I remember Duppata Policy of PTV during the Zia’s Time. In Pakistan many women just have duppata on their shoulders such that one ends hangs on one shoulder and second end on the other shoulder. But Zia’s policy made it compulsory that duppata should be on the head, this resulted in ridiculous situations, there was one scene in drama where a women waking up from bed was wearing duppata on the head.

After Zia’s death and slowly when normalcy came to PTV one of the news-caster/anchor was interviewed many times; because she refused to wear duppata on Tv. sighting that she does not wear duppata (on head) normally. Fair enough (although one can sight that every work place has their dress code, but this is good stand against stupid policy ).

But at the same time huge PTV started News programs where the news-casters were not wearing duppatas at all no even on shoulders and have to wear stupid coats. I always wandered who will shout for them? Will anyone interview a girl that refused to continue news-casting because PTV asked her not to wear duppata? Most probably she would be asked to do something else.

Freedom can’t be one sided.  Neither religion nor political views should hinder one’s advancement in any field.

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