Two Off Days; let’s jump start Tourism Industry

22 Apr

As the news is coming from Pakistan, there will be two compulsory off days in the week. It’s a great news.

ya ya I know, what will a person on daily wages do? how will factories fulfill  their orders, what will happen to the service sector.  We already have a long lunch on Fri., in some cases people officially or not officially take Friday as off day or half working day; all this mess and questions and arguments,

Regardless of all these questions, only one thing can get good from this; jump starting the Tourism Industry. See two off days, include early closing of offices on Friday and take in consideration some religious/semi-religious holiday lurking here & there; perfect long weekend!

So what should people do when there is no electricity and they are sitting home? They should go outside!

We are getting tired of huge crowd in Muri, let’s make new destinations, something just an hour outside Lahore. Changa Manga? some proper water park near Bata-Pur (please don’t name dirty water pools as water parks), some food destination at Sharukpur (I heard their Gulab Jamans are amazing)? Some Old-Time Fest in Multan? Some where I can just put my tube in the stream/canal and let it drift without listening to all the horns around you.

Whatever be the case, it will be ripe time to change the habits and attitudes. Don’t ask me from where the money will come, frankly I have seen even in this freaking inflation, more cars on Lahore’s road than ever; I am not talking about those Mehrans, I am talking about 10/20 Lakh cars.  I have seen hundreds of weddings with hundreds of guests .  People spending hundreds of rupees on Mc Donalds/Pizza Hut  (can you believe people dress up before going to Pizza Hut?)

So yes some people have money and they will spend it. It’s better that we can make them spend in Pakistan and some where outside the big city, rather than on expansive ice-creams, no-good coffee and that hideous shesha. That money will go in the pocket of locals of small city.

What about Karachi! I don’t know there must be many good places to go around Karachi, one only need to develop it.

Like St. Augistine in Florida, it’s old city and they are earning hard cash by keeping part of city structured old. Streets, shops keep their old attire and many people working their wear old-style dresses. I have a friend who drove there from Gainesville just for eating hand made ice-cream.

Most important thing is keep the locals involved. If something does not benefit locals, they will not care about it.

We have those small forts every where, then there are tombs and then there are amazing people with their culture, let’s protect them and build industry out of them. With many people owning cars and telecommunication keeping people connected round the clock, it’s more likely that people will venture out of their comfort zone. Especially now when we will have two off days and no electricity.

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