Arizona Law, question of race?

02 May

I asked him how will you know that whether this person is legal or illegally living in America? His reply was in question how much you are willing to give away your liberties for expelling illegals.

One of the main points raised against this law are that it allows racial profiling, now instead of being done sophistically at airport, it will be done by the Police Officer on the street. Instead of computer that flags his/her name it will be judgement of the Police Officer, his consciousness and mindset. This is where the problem comes in. That’s where there is fear of discrimination and targeting of people of one specific race, specifically Hispanic.
It makes life of both Police and the common man more difficult. Question like when should a law enforcement official stop and ask question? Should this be their everyday duty of stopping any person and ask about his papers? or this is just when they have reasonable doubt that this person might be involved in illegal activities but have no proof and thus use this tool (

I feel we are missing one main point, that is ratio of Hispanic community in the police force. If they are in substantial number there is less chance of being discriminated by your own race. More representation might give more security to people.

One criticism I can make about people protesting against the law is that they are not coming up how to resolve the problem of illegal immigrants?
People say they only do the jobs Americans don’t want to do or they don’t cause problem they are just here to ear some money, they pick tomatoes and salad which many American’s don’t want to do. My problem with this argument is they why not make law which can allow companies hire un-skilled man power from other countries?
Right now these illegal immigrants get harassed, forced to work cheap and according to news-papers sometimes used by violent gangs. These guys have no protection, neither of job nor of livelihood.

If question of illegal immigration is left alone, like some people want, then America will never solve the right question, question of legislation allowing workers to be hired legally, of their being working in America legally and getting them all the benefits which any other worker gets.

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