Sushi and Sushi Yami

04 May

All you can eat Sushi and that under $10, great!. That’s what Sushi Yami opened at 13th street offers.  Buffet style all you can eat, has two offerings; many types of Sushi, coming out every few minute, and chinese food. Their Miso Soup was good, egg fried rice were tasty and sea-food delight was amazing. And then there was full counter for sweets, fresh diced fruits, jelly, custard, etc…

Coming back to Sushi well there were many varieties and I have gone their twice, this time I found some were replaced by others. Best part is their service, every few minutes someone will come and fill your glasses. We had lots of questions regarding sushi, does this has chicken, does this has pork, is this all vegi., someone will get this information immediately.

It’s right next to Merloin and infront of IHOP. Exterior is nice, painted in funky colors. Once you enter, it’s big hall with tables on one side and buffet on other.


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