Facebook; Question to Lahore High Court

20 May

With all the regard to the said judges or judge involved in the decision; I cannot and will not accept such order; regardless how we feel about the someone drawing candidatures of Prophet (SW).

These orders are not only against Freedom of Expression but they amateur and will not generate any positive effect. Foremost they decrease my confidence on the courts for making rational and lawful decisions.  If we allow and accept such decisions, we are opening ourselves other rulings that can be more than just baning of social network site.

This whole episode has left me with lots of questions, some of them are as follow.

1) Under what Law a “Lahore High Court” can ban International Service for whole Pakistan? What is jurisdiction of LHC?

2) Under what Law can it even ban it for even city?

3) Was Facebook issued a notice?

4) Was anyone against the Facebook Ban was there to point the inherent flaws in such order?

5) How many judges were involved? 1,2 or how many. If it was 1 person decision, are we willing to let 1 person make decisions which can effect huge population of  Pakistan?

6) If that particular page of the Facebook was already blocked by PTA then why was it necessary to block Facebook?


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