Finally Pita Pit

21 Jun

After my distasteful experience at Pita Pit, I never stepped in their shop for about 1.5 years. But all my friends ‘hey let’s go to pita pit‘ and I was no you go ahead, I will take something else. Some days back, I decided to buckle up and give it another try (and yes everything else was closed at 1 O clock in night).

This time no Tuna Salad, I ordered Falafel with Hummus. It was great. Really I was surprised, well better than subway. Sprouts gave extra taste. Two days after that I went again, this time Falafel with Baba Ganoush, again it was good experience. It is little bit expensive than Subway but it is better tasting also.

I can’t say I have become fan, but at least I know I can eat one more thing when I am on campus.

Price: About $6

Preparation Time: They take slightly more time than Subway

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