Here we Go Again (Google banned?)

24 Jun

Dawn reports that Lahore High Court has banned 9 websites, including heavy weights like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Again Why?

due to “material against the fundamental principals of Islam and its preaching,”

There are no words to say here. Yes, I can say one thing, hey why stop here, just ban the damn internet and  burn the libraries.  Google, Yahoo and Bing?  really you will ban the search engine because some one searches a material using it?  Under which rule can you ban a search engine. Why not ban computers? they are the tool used by many to access these services.

There are hundreds of other cheap search engines, one can use if want to.

Please guys don’t shove this thing down the carpet, it is a legal problem, should be solved legally. Can a tool be held responsible on how it is being used? Should CD Writers be baned because people write pirated software using it?

Keeping everything aside, who gave LHC authority to ban some services for whole Pakistan?

Does he has such authority? Who controls the Internet? Federation or Provinces?

These are the questions that need to be answered.

I am really disappointed, it was something even Musharaf did not did, when media was being blocked.


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