death of 100 people! no let’s discuss weather

10 Jul

That’s what is attitude of our news media looks like.

About 100 people have died in the Yakagund and you know what are headlines of our news-media websites is? Yes, you will think, it will be about plight of the people, sketches of perpetrators, articles regarding how the investigation is going, might be something why the Taliban attacked this little known place, why it was important.

Oh no! you forget this is Pakistan not some Western country, where even just a unblown car parked in NY streets can trigger news blaze of many days and manhunt on much bigger scale. And no this is not like Britian where 7 july terrorism caused a country wide investigation, where in few days the houses were raided and explosives were found.  Let me stress media did not let the administration go, they kept the watch, they kept it as main story.

No sir this is Pakistan, after one day the main pages of the big Pakistani media outlet’s websites don’t have any article on it.  Dawn has some images in their media gallery, 12 of them to be precise. AAJ, has a general information news report of about 1 minute. Geo Tv’s website does not this news, atleast I was not able to find it. Tribune express has news about it way down their page in “More News” section.

Where as open the and you get it On the front page in the opening frame, no scrolling down to read about death of 100 people. BBC has it in OTHER TOP STORIES section on their main page, and on-top in their South Asia page.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not criticizing Pakistani media for caring too much about the degrees of Parliamentarians, I think they are doing a good job here. These frauds ruling us should be exposed and prosecuted. But media should not put death of 100 people on inside page. News agencies should be swamping  the area with their reporters, their investigative journalists should be exposing the negligences, their analysts should be telling us why these people were targeted.  Run the mill journalists covering condition of treatment and facilities available in those areas.

But no we are forgetting them, forget similarly but more quickly than we are forgetting about the Data Darbar. Our media has failed to be investigative and persistent; simply doing talk shows and making viewers listen to analysts debates cannot make their shows come close to reports of international media.

One question that keeps coming to my mind, has this attack happened in Lahore would our news media websites will have same headlines?


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2 responses to “death of 100 people! no let’s discuss weather

  1. neel123

    July 10, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    It is simple…… !
    As long as the suicide attacks are not taking place in Punjab, targeting the Punjabis, it is acceptable to the Pakistani Army and the political power…. !

  2. mohsenali

    July 10, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Pakistani Army and Political Power?
    We are talking about Press here, the same press that fought a hard war against the military dictator. And which is currently fighting against the Political powers lying about their education.
    I am not judging their intentions, I am questioning their effort


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