Spain wins, Octopus is creeping me out now!

11 Jul

The few seconds which resulted in Andres Iniesta shooting a fatal goal, were the seconds which one should watch again and again. In those seconds, even before Andres had that ball, it looked something really good is going around.  Ok hands up admission, I am amateur follower of Football game, although I do watch World Cup and try not to miss finals, so my point of view of those seconds could be childish. But hei, Spain won

Watched the game at Reitz Union and the 90% of the crowd was going mad shouting Espania!, Espania! I went there supporting Spain, but watching so many people on one side, I shifted to Netherlands, someone has to support other team. But man! they played bad and they played rough.  Frankly after so many fouls I was hitting my self for supporting the Netherlands,  not that the other side was playing any amazing. The game although exciting but looked like both side does not have the extra fire to go for kill.

Thanks South Africa for holding 2010 World Cup.

Thanks Octopus for creping us out, one question do come in mind, how did his owners found out that he can predict Football games?

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