take jobs from Obama supporters? Talkmaster

08 Aug

I switched on car and before putting it in the gears, I pushed the radio button and first non music station was 97.3 FM. There was someone criticizing Obama, nothing unusual, what was unusual was now he was targeting  Obama supporters.  He was explaining to the caller that we should take people in the non-employment line and give them the jobs of the people who are supporters of Obama. That is put these Obama supporters on the non-employment list because they are supporting the policies which are causing economic problems.

For some seconds I can’t believe it, how can you take away someone’s job because for whom he/she votes? or what his/her political views are. Should clerk be fired because he voted for ABC candidate?

This guy, I think calling himself “Talkmaster”, continued to explain his theory to the caller. After sometime I think he realized what he was saying, so he spinned it saying that if you are hiring someone and there are two candidates who are absolutely equal in every way but that one of them support Obama’s policies don’t hire him.  Again appalling statement, that during the interview of job political views of a person should come into consideration. He was not talking about hiring a lawyer for the firm or top policy makers for the company, he was talking about all the jobs. If  a firm who does Off shore oil drilling yes I will not hire a lawyer that believes such activities should be banned, but should I ask a clerk about his political affiliations? Should Wallmart be telling if you voted for person XYZ you are going to get the Job?

I tried searching on the web about this guy and came up with name, Neal Boortz, he calls himself  “Neal Boortz aka: The Talkmaster, Mighty Whitey and The High Priest of The Church of the Painful Truth”. Following was on  his webpage, where he continued giving this stupid advice to everyone.

Try to figure out who you have on your staff who voted for and STILL supports Barack Obama. One good way to do this would be to have someone head out into the employee parking lot and look for people who still, for some reason known but to God, have an Obama bumper sticker on their car. Call that person into your office and tell them that since they are still Obama supporters you are going to let them go. Tell them that there are people out there who made the sensible choice in the 2008 election and who are now looking for jobs. You would rather have them on your staff than someone who contributed to this problem. The people who recognized Obama for what he was before the election should not be the ones suffering for his policies. They are the ones who should be on unemployment.

Now some of you might want to point out that it might cause a bit of a problem if you fire someone for how they voted. OK, I’ll buy that. Just tell them that coworkers have been complaining about their body odor. There’s probably some validity to that anyway.

It appeared to be suggestion taken from third world countries, where with change of govt. thousands of people are fired and loyalists are hired, more appalling was that that caller agreed with him, without understanding the repercussion. Ok for scenario let’s assume that a company or let’s assume a hotel owner starts feeling that because previous govt. allowed the Wall Street guys to play with people’s money without any check and balances, previous govt. and it’s supporters are responsible of house he lost and layoffs he has to make. Therefore he goes on and fires the people who voted for Republicans, will this be justified. I will say no.

Oh you can say but his point of view is wrong, these Wall Street guys were not only given freedom by the Republicans but the Democrats also, see Clinton had his time but not checks and balances were introduced, Democrats did not tried to pass any thing to stop this or that. Got it!  you might be right, but whos going to decide who is right and who is wrong here?  That’s why you don’t allow the jobs to be decided on the political views, because a hotel manager might have different perspective of who is responsible for his financial mess.  Laws against discrimination on the basis of how a citizen votes or what political views he/she has, are made to avoid such situations. It is intelligent that one should move forward on path of nondiscrimination and not backward.


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