With Thatta under threat, 300,000 on move

27 Aug

According to Dawn and Express-Tribune, Thata is under threat. Army, navy and rangers are helping in evacuation. The troublesome news is that they were given only 4 to 5 hours for evacuation because of breach. I am unable to find any map to show what’s going around on the ground. If someone finds it please send me link
What is happening, could be just be accurately represented by Dawn and Tribune’s headlines, “Thatta caught unawares” and “Panic Grips Thatta city”

It will be quite unfortunate if we found somehow we could have bought more time for the people of Thatta district or given them more early warning.  It appears the previous reports coming from the Thatta was quite positive,
Thatta’s ready, come hell or high water

According to the UN just in past 48 hours, 1 million have been displaced in Sindh (aaj tv)

Following is the map showing the assessment of destruction due to flooding by the CNN

Assessing the Damage as Flooding in Pakistan Moves South (CNN)

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