Great Wall of Sindh

21 Jun

Today during a dinner a friend told me about that there is a wall in Sindh similar in look to Great Wall of China and is of considerable length. This

Wall of Sindh

prompted me to search for it. Fortunately there are multiple links about it. There is a small report from GEO Tv. where a quite young guy is trying to tell about Sindh Wall in loud dramatized excited  voice. However he ends up telling very less about it, but still it is a good starting point.

There is a Wiki link about it (image on the side has been taken from the wikipedia entry).And an un-sensationalized documentary is also available on youtube.

I have gathered that wall is about 26 Km in length and surrounds an area which could be taken as defense for the army rather than defense of any city or other population.  There is much information about it as there has only few research works done on this building.

Wall of Sindh is not an old name of wall, infact it did not had a name. One of the video anchor tells us “few” people researching on wall started calling it Sindh Wall, but does not trust us enough to share their names or views. So  I will say I don’t know when or why it was started to be known as Sindh Wall. However the name has nice touch to it.

I can add more information but basically it will be re-hashing from the above sources, so I will leave you with the original. Let’s spread information about such places.

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