Reminiscing reminiscent “Zikar Hai Kai Saal Ka”

07 Jul

While searching for Momin’s poem, Woh jo Hum mein Tum mein; I reached this version of song, citing it to be recorded for the drama “Zikar Hai Kai Sal Ka“. Although the version I remember for the drama was quite sad one (comes in the start of this part on youtube)

I remember watching it long time ago, might be in 1995 or 1996. Rahat Kazmi and Atiqa Odho play two people well settled in their lives, breaking off what had become normalcy and enjoying each others company, re-kindling the friendship for just one day and then going away to their normal life.

At that young age, watching this drama left quite a deep impact on me, a sad one I must say. For long I thought that sadness was for two people who so perfectly complete each other and yet can have only one day.

Then one day I realized that I am sad that they were living their life without knowing or acknowledging that they were unhappy; atleast one of them (Rahat Kazmi). Worse they were not even trying to do what can make them happy. Or what made me sad was realization that twenty years will not fill up the holes made by mistakes of heart in that young age.

Drama is full of moments where characters are reminiscing old times and comparing it with today. It made me question, will that’s how I will miss my years? will that be that painful? Now I know that except few moments brain smooths out the memories and events. They have to significant to remember. Well for the characters in the drama their moments were important ones.

Atiqa Odho and Rahat Kazmi play their age, wrecked and bumped by the time. In one scene when Rahat Kazmi is dressing up to meet Atiqa Odho in front of his son, sheer excitement and clumsiness is so visible. And on Atiqa Odho’s face the hurt is so visible. well to be honest most of her best acting has always been to play a role of extremely beautiful in extreme distress, remember Dasht or “Sitara Aur Mehr-un-Nisa” ?). After spending one amazing day they walk away to their respective paths. Atiqa Odho in the end leaves Rahat Kazmi to his family: son, daughter and wife; leaving alone never to return.

How much they know each other and care for each other is visible many scenes, e.g. starting scene of this part

Two years back when I heard Bob Dylan’s “If you see her say Hello”, it reminded of this serial; especially the line

If you see her, say hello
She might be in Tangier
She left here last early spring
Is living there I hear

Say for me that I’m all right
Though things get kind of slow
She might think that I’ve forgotten her
Don’t tell her it isn’t so

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One response to “Reminiscing reminiscent “Zikar Hai Kai Saal Ka”

  1. missgreensocks

    January 6, 2012 at 1:08 am

    I remember watching this drama as well Mohsen Bhai … this post made me really sad 😦


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