iPhone5 errr… sorry iPhone 4S with Siri

04 Oct

If someone asks what will sell iPhone4S, I will say Siri will sell it or should sell it. If it really works the way it is being told then it’s one step near to what we all see a future which disturbed us in Terminator but we loved in Knight Rider. Right now it’s looking more like assistant in Knight Rider.

Why it will sell it? because it’s a dazzling feature, a personal assistance, telling me about the weather, next appointment, replying to not just simple commands but appears to be doing a slight bit of conversation. It’s a great great step,

But it’s a step only, it will get boring quickly when you are not alone and so don’t want to tell anyone about your next appointment.

iPhone 4S (image from the Guardian Website)

Let’s see what Andriod does now or what Amazon comes up with.

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One response to “iPhone5 errr… sorry iPhone 4S with Siri

  1. Zac

    October 5, 2011 at 8:58 am

    hmmm i am not sure if SiRi is going to be as awesome as it is touted to be. Hopefully it is not going to be like my irritating gps system in my car which always direct me to the longest route and nag “Drive safely” “Turn right 300m in front ” like a broken record.


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