Broncos, Tim Tebow and Gainesville

09 Jan

You know there are people who you just like, whose success are cherish by many people who might not have any direct contact with him, the successes which might be just small. Tim Tebow appears to be one of them, a lucky one I must say.

Today he did it again, the last pass (which finally he made) resurrected his image of quarterback you should be always be watching. Although he ruined previous two chances by taking too much time before making a pass and once almost getting sacked. The last pass just put him back on the list. He should be thankful to the defense that did the hell of job in containing the competitors.

His success is being cheered by many of the people who might even not like Broncos. Most of the Gainesville wants Broncos to succeed because of Tim Tebow . He has this feel good thing about him. people want him to succeed; to be fair it has very less to do with his being religious or not. Just a microseconds Broncos made touchdown, facebook was full with the status updates and tweeter was singing.

Here is for Tim Tebow and this is for Gators and for Tebowing.

something interesting about 316 passing yards and 3:16 on his face

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