Beating your wife? Why are we not rejecting these?

20 Jan

Somehow I reached to this video( ) in which some Arabic (socalled) scholar was telling about Rules of Beating your wife. He had audacity to say that this honors the wife, because it is for her discipline. Oh no wait wait, he does say that man cannot beat wife on food or work or anything else, he can beat wife for only one point, i.e. when she refuses to sleep with her? Get it!

Well I don’t, For the people who actively believe that it is to give discipline to wife, what if the husband is undisciplined? he is selling things of house, he is misbehaving with the relatives, or anyother thing for which anyone thinks that wife could be beaten, should not wife has a right to beat her husband?

I don’t get why Muslims cannot setup a committee for Ijtihad and say you know these things even if previously thought to be valid (which I don’t believe were valid at anytime, I believe beating wife is misrepresentation of the word) are no more valid. Why are we shy of taking important decisions?

We need to understand that cannot live in this “push everything under the carpet” situation, we need to talk and discuss these very serious issues. We need to tackle such issues, make declaration that acts of one person beating other, acts of having slave or any such actions have lost all of the validity, even if such validity existed.

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