Plz couples, decouple your social log ins

29 Jan

We know you are married or girlfriend/boyfriend or together or whatever,

we know you have already decided this is your happily-ever-after,

that you can’t hide anything from each other, you tell everything to her or him

that you have joint account,

that you share your souls,

But please don’t share our messages, they can’t play any role in your eternal love

I don’t care if you have joint piggy banks, I don’t want to communicate XYZ-company when I want to talk to XYZ

don’t let me write “Cheetay kia hal hea, aaj to …… ho gaya yar”  on gtalk

and get replied with “it’s ABC (girl-friend), XYZ is in office/lab or next room”

No no no, I don’t want to share with your better half  (no offense) what I want to share with you, atleast not in exactly those words.

please decouple them

please like a reasonable social humans don’t share your passwords so that your friends don’t always have to be guessing who will be on the other side of the screen. You really don’t think it will be good idea if I tell I saw your ex-girlfriend or love-flame, believe me no matter how much you trust your better half, that day you will get extra salty daal (if you ever get it that day).

hide your emails and vault your e-presence if not for you sake for your friends sake.

P.S. you setting a bad precedence for future couples, if I ever get example of you people when I refuse to have joint-social account, …… its not gona be good for our friendship.

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