22 Feb

How many people will more die before something is done?

That’s the question that keeps popping in mind, that’s question everyone is asking,

As simple as the question is, answer is not that straight one. Question should be when and how should other countries get involve? Should forces be sent, will sanctions will work? if force is used to what extent and what is objective? Remove the regime? replace it with what? with whom?

While I am writing these words, I keep thinking about the people who are dying, I keep seeing the face of journalist Marie Colvin.

I saw her talking about Syria just yesterday on CNN. I remember her because of her having that eye-patch.

Then those faceless people who are dying come into my mind. All the questions that I have put before, they all are valid, but to the person protecting his/her family do they matter?

One has to ask why we need Arab League and IOC if they will not do anything.

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Posted by on February 22, 2012 in Civil Rights, Democracy


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