mad search of heroes

31 Jul

One of the worst effects of downfall a nation suffers is psychological, nations feel so helpless that they just sit and wait for Messiah. We Pakistanis for many years we have been trying to search for Hero, because we feel everyone is against us (those grand conspiracies?) and we feel burdened by our self image of protector of Islam and Muslims. How one can fix all what is wrong? a hero, a divine intervention. ….. and our media is just feeding us new heroes every day.

Someone tweaks a switch and is declared amazing mind produced by Pakistan, someone declares their software is best antivirus in world and we start airing news reports, some one claims to fix software for ATM in few minutes and we don’t blink our eyes, one keep hearing about students making amazing cars, an engineer claims that he can run a car from water we declare him the solution provider of energy crisis in Pakistan.

Problem is making extraordinary claims without presenting extraordinary proofs. Most of time we are the ones who take their claims and put them more in golden words than required. We are responsible for destroying these people who are might be making small improvements, we are trying to make giants out of them.

Why Engineer Agha Waqar has to be fraud or Hero? why he can’t be just a hacker who hacked something interesting, it might not be ground breaking but it could be an interesting project? It was shame to watch Pakistan’s so-called great minds defending or destroying claims made by Engineer Agha. Something that just requires a small well calibrated test.

These tweakers, hackers or self styled inventors need an output platform, that’s what they should be provided. Engineer. Agha does not need to Thomas Edison or be one of Wright Brothers. With all respect to Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, success of his car does not mean he has designed perpetual machine; it will just mean that he has made the machine where we can bear the cost of recharging battery after delta time.  Contention is declaring whether that delta time is infinity? it’s definitely not. Unfortunately our media is using language which makes it appear like it is. Let’s not make them giants… and kill them by burden of being giant.

Bottom line, we don’t need to humiliate these people, one of the way of not humiliating them is providing them a way to test their claims before we put the crown of gold on their heads. We need these people, who have courage to venture out and do something. These antivirus makers, these software fixers and these competition winners, they are not our Messiah but they can be fireflies in dark. Lets establish platform where these people can present their work, lets educate them that there is a long way from an experimental success to industrial viability.


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