Hate/lunacy hits again {Shooting at Sikh Gurdvara (temple) in Wisconsin}

05 Aug

Once again some lunatics have attacked the unarmed people. CNN is reporting about 6 to be dead and the shooter has been killed also. (guardian:

It’s still not clear whether this is hate crime or just some mad person going on rampage. It will put the gun laws in America under more scrutiny, there will be more calls to tighten the rules and more campaign by the gun-lobby to say guns don’t kill people. Using these violent instances to decide whether more or less guns be on street is quite absurd. Problem is not the lone, lunatic shooters, problem is access to guns by the people involved in organized or petty crime.

Regardless of that this particular instance puts one more group under pressure, i.e. Muslims. Some CNN-commentator  (still not clear whether it was official CNN commentator or someone commenting on the online story, have a look ) talked about Sikhs could be mistaken of being Muslims or Taliban. A comment left on yahoo says something like stupid think all foreigners are muslims. This causes two big problems, it makes Sikhs feel that they might be victim of false identification and their suffering is due to Muslims.  secondly it makes Muslims afraid when they are linked to Taliban so casually. In understand neither of the commentators is saying it’s fine to attack Muslims, but presenting so-called “rational” explanation of event instead of just terming it terrorism or hate crime puts unnecessary cracks in the society.

Another big question is, is this a terrorism or not? to me crimes like this the reek the hate should be declared terrorism.

Update, CNN is reporting that this event will be investigated as Domestic terrorist attack.

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