Democracy? Constitution, laws and freedom

13 Nov

It has always been interesting to see people doing the same thing after coming into power of which they complained before. Case in point present Pakistan and Turkey. Have talked about Pakistan a lot so let have a look at Turkey

Today it could be as far more democratic country than ten years back, there are no more military dictators over throwing the government in the name of Ataturk and less visible is their control over government. The government is appearing relating to majority of people instead of being enforcer of rules designed by small set of people.  Economy is not doing bad and Turkey is aligning itself to become regional power; with Edagon appearing to eye the leadership of the Muslim world (how can one define this is open for discussion)

In all this progress there is one aspect which is being neglected, it appears, knowingly and willfully (  The freedom of press, one cannot choose one freedom and not other. Infact country with the history like Turkey should be served well with the more freedom of expression.

Governments (like Pakistan and Turkey) claiming to be democratic should work to increase and defend  freedom of press and and expression. Because in the end this is the tradition, when ingrained in society, will protect them from future military coups. People who come through force can’t be stopped by the words of law but the strength of it. And strength of law resides in the traditions accepted among people of country. Freedom of expression in America is much due to it’s people than due to law. Laws could be rewritten and constitutions could be amended and ignored. . It’s people who after practicing and participating in the application of law that gives it a soul.

Only then they become defenders of the democratic system rather than being just defended by the democratic system.

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