Writing about Pakistan

12 Jan

posting about Pakistan is most difficult thing to do, should one post about rising tensions on LOC? defending actions of arm-forces while still preaching that peace should be given chance? should one post about 100 killed in previous day? should one share the positives that exist beside darkness? should one talk back to friends about dangers of making deaths into issue of one sect, while still standing beside them? should one talk to ones who are ignoring this massacre like nothing serious has happened? should one ridicule so called 40 million “match” maker? should one talk about trauma many of our force-members might have been going through in past some years? or about the ones whose family members have been shot down, blown out by bombs and bullets? should one shout for mile long lines on gas stations? of the financial burdens or chilling cold residing on the planes of Punjab effecting next crop year? should one shout out names of people whose disappearance and murders have silence markers directing towards people with big boots?

Taken about 23 hours ago.


I just saw picture of street full of people sitting in the cold winter night with the dead bodies of people died in previous day’s terrorist activities. How can you argue with these guys that giving city and province under the army will not going to resolve anything? that it will worsen the situation, that Armies are not there to run the cities and provinces. But how shall one argue with the ones whose friends, family members and neighbors have been shot down continuously. We all know that the actions being demanded right now are not even good as band-aid,  but does anyone has anyother solution?

I don’t know what to say …

Iqbal said “people think it is to be a Muslim”, sometime it appears same thing could be said about being Pakistani.

in these moments one realizes what Faiz must be going through when he wrote following poem.

تجھ کو کتنوں کا لہو چاہیے اے ارضِ وطن

جو ترے عارضِ بے رنگ کو گلنار کریں
کتنی آہوں سے کلیجہ ترا ٹھنڈا ہوگا
کتنے آنسو ترے صحراؤں کو گلزار کریں

تیرے ایوانوں میں پُرزے ہوئے پیماں کتنے
کتنے وعدے جو نہ آسودہ اقرار ہوئے
کتنی آنکھوں کو نظر کھا گئی بد خواہوں کی
خواب کتنے تری شاہ راہوں میں سنگسار ہوئے

بلا کشانِ محبت پہ جو ہوا سو ہُوا
جو مجھ پہ گزری مت اس سے کہو، ہوا سو ہوا
مبادا ہو کوئی ظالم تیرا دامن گیر
لہو کے داغ تو دامن سے دھو، ہوا سو ہوا

ہم تو مجبورِ وفا ہیں مگر اے جانِ جہاں
اپنے عشاق سے ایسے بھی کوئی کرتا ہے
تیری محفل کو خدا رکھے ابد تک قائم
ہم تو مہمان ہیں گھڑی بھر کے ہمارا کیا ہے

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