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Pakistani Ministers in America (Asia Society)

3 of Govt. ministers were here in America and spoke at Asia Society. At following site audio of the event is present

Most interesting is when Barrister Saif tries to say that their is no written order to control movement of removed judges. This person is hilarious in lies or representing the lie.


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Rally for Musharaf In Toronto

In response to following message I received on one of the Punjab University email groups

A rally in support of Musharraf is being held on Nov. 24, 2007 on
Saturday at 3pm infront of Queens Park Toronto. ..

In one of the Tom & Jerry cartoon shows, Tom becomes Jerry’s friend and saves it from being eaten by other cat; pats Jerry on head and kiss him goodbye. Do you know what other cat did, he pulled out the gun and killed himself saying “I have seen all”

Thats what I thought when I heard a personal friend saying ‘I support Musharaf’. I thought ‘I have seen all’; after 8 years I have again heard someone saying he/she supports Musharaf. How wrong was I?
After each passing day the number has increased to small but larger than what I thought there is, saying that they support Musharaf.

Well go on my friends as its the beauty of the democracy it allows even those who are against it to say what they want to say.

But while rallying for Musharaf out of Pakistan, please do think about people being arrested for protesting against it in Pakistan.
They were doing what you would be doing there but that night they were not sleeping on their beds.


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Bangladesh and Pakistan; issue of Institution

About a month before our dear Musharaf started his commando action, I was talking to my Bangladeshi neighbor. Although we scarcely talk  about the politics (regional or religious) but that day the talk went on to 1971 and then to current situation in Bangladesh.

He was of view that until present government in Bangladesh is doing fine he will not worry about the restoration of democracy or elections etc…. This was from wast difference from what the view I have that is;  systems and institutions are most important ones. When someone tries to override them to correct them, he/she ends up distroying that.

I think Bangladesh people might need more time to understand that. Might be when their current dictator will try to sell xyz rights to foreign company or will remain there for more than 8 years, then they might find that its not people but system that is important.

And Musharaf brother came to rescue; he presented a live example. Made joke out of himself and Pakistan.

What Musharaf did just reassured that people of Pakistan should not forget again and again that dictators are not to be welcomed, cheered,… otherwise they always live with the assurance that people “Awam”  are behind them.

I still remember many people who supported Musharaf and I was astonished about their reasons. And right now I am also astonished on many who are supporting him right now.


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I know I will fail, but I wish……

I know I will fail, i.e. the student protests will fail.

Achieve nothing or may be something but not the complete victory i.e. restoration of judges. Many will go to jails, many will be beaten, kicked outside their institutions.

They will be able to bring the defiant face, put pressure. In the end, however, the country is run by the Politicians, people with big portfolios, Benazir, Nawaz, Chaudries and our most beloved (pun intended) Maulana Fazlur-Rehman. They will use this pressure as bargain chip and they will get the bargain.

But I am will not subdue my self because of end, I shall try to stand when I can and hope that the stars are in reach of my hand.

Far away from country, sitting in the Free Society of America, how easy is it for me to say these things.

I wish, I wish the momentum to increase, the pressure to increase,…..

But again I know we are no more than bargain chips.


No Dishes please; blocking information

First Pakistani Government (or we might say Musharaf’s Govt.) ‘illegally‘ ordered the Cable Operators to not transmit the private Television channels  and now our dear Pakistan Government is placing curbs on the imports of Satellite equipment (news) .

So people who were now relying on the satellite dishes to get information that Govt. ‘s Tv. Channel is censoring will get another slap. What is next banning/blocking the Internet?

How much more we will go till be become one of the Communist Countries that existed about 25 years ago, where there controlling information was one of the ways to keep the population in check.

Information is right of the people.



Neutral Stand?: Columbia Organisation of Pakistani Student’s statement

Lots of news is coming through emails. I have been trying to verify that Columbia University’s body of Pakistani students has issued a statement that they will take a neutral stand on this matter.

I dont know if they voted for that or their top board made such statement? or even that it was some unofficial remark from their executive member or what.

But this word has really struck me ‘Neutral Stand’, what is neutral stand? Neutral Stand means that you dont have any problem with the removal of Chief Justice or you think that its not important enough to for you to do anything.

I even feel that government would be extremely delighted if we all take the ‘Neutral Stand’ and do not say anything, not even in the favor. Then their action will appear as a normal thing, a matter of every day life,……. Its the important events/action that require either applause or jail-clause.

I fairly believe in the taking neutral stand, you dont want to become party on some issue and take a ‘Neutral Stand’.  You do not want to ride on any fighting bull, you hope out and stand on the side. Fair enough. But some issues, matters and events do not have luxury of the ‘Neutral Stand’. Because sometimes by taking a ‘Neutral Stand’ you become party.

For example if you somehow know that a theft is being planned and you do not report and take ‘Neutral Stand’, then you have already become party because thats what a thief wants ‘no hindrance from you’

The events as big as these require people to take stand. Either you think that what is going around is right and dont do anything or do something.


Court Martialing the Civilians; New Ordinance

According to some news coming from Pakistan a new ordinance by the President is being issued. This ordinance will change the Army Act allowing the civilians committing terrorism against Army will face Martial Law courts.

Even before this ordinance civilians committing certain crimes against army could face military courts. But now this allows the acts of terrorism and also allows the civilians to be questioned by the Army people.

But right now when the military is involved in the government and huge resentment against the Military in the Nothern Areas, any civilian that is against what army is handling the Northern Areas might be subjected to direct interrogation to military personals.

Again its the intentions of the government that will define how the changed law is executed.