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Muslim (Intelegent) Spam

Just recently I have been winning millions of dollars and I am receiving offers to help transfer millions. In other words I am receiving Spam, not a new news.

But the new thing is that the Spam is Muslim. The Sender names are Islamic or more correctly in mixture of Arabic and Christian. The names of places are African, its old thing. But now they have ‘Aslamu Alikum’ in emails.

Even one of the Spam had the names of Islamic Countries where the ‘poor’ widow wanted to send her money of his deceased husband, but her relatives were not helping her. And she needed my help.

Ofcourse I pressed ‘SPAM’ button.

I am little bit worried. I understand that from my name they can know that I am Muslim.

But Are they now specifically targeting the Muslim Audience, identified by their names, through tailored SPAM?

And some blockers are not blocking it. I dont know how the ‘yahoo’ spam blocker works (that is, does it identify the safe email through the kind of email a person is mostly receiving) , but it allowed some of such tailored spams to reach my inbox.

In US, I am seeing many advertisements educating people about such emails. In this country where information technology is an old news, even now they are educating their citizens, that what you call active government.

Its necessary to educate people in Muslim countries, where right now the internet is getting popular. Where now many business-related people are starting to use email services, these official looking SPAMS could fool many. Where the mixture of greed and the feeling that you are helping some one could be lethal.

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Posted by on October 25, 2007 in Email, public awareness