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Dont Forget The Martyrs {The Judges}

Although my this entry is about People of Pakistan and is addressed to  them. But my this blog is especially for the Americans and European countries, their media, people and politicians.

Where every other country is asking Mr. Mushraf to remove Emergency (more clearly Martial Law), they are missing one major thing that is ‘Restoration of Judges’.

This should be the basic demand, why one might say?

Its because without it Musharaf has got what he wanted, he wanted removal of Judges that are not parrots, and he has done so.

Its impact would be long lasting; we in the history have been very angry on the Judiciary for siding with the dictators, shying away from decisions, not upholding laws,…… but now when they have done that, they have been kicked out of their offices; If now we took the restoration of democracy with ‘Thank You Sir’ attitude then we should not expect the coming judges to uphold justice,  order  police to release innocents and take notice for the people that can not approach their doors.

The land from where I am, we dont forget nice word of a person, how can we forget that what those people were doing, Justice.

There is saying that ‘Societies that survive dont forget their heroes’; I hope we dont forget Martyrs


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