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What Makes America (regarding Gay and Lesbians)

{Following is how I felt America thinks, being a Muslim I dont believe in gayism but if law of land gives them right to be gay then others should respect their right. }

To explain what is state of Gays and Lesbians in the American society you have to see one of the episodes of Seinfeld. In this episodes two male characters, who are good friends but are not gay, get reported in one of the newspaper as being gay.

During the episode you see them trying to continously worry about being taken as gay and trying to erase this misconception. Their parents are calling them confused and worried. But the line they use when ever they show their concern about being taken as gay, is Not that there’s anything wrong with that

This is still the condition of the America. No one wants to be Anti-Gay but I have found them not totally comfortable with it also.

Its very much visible in their comidies, a hero being taken as gay and then there are jokes about it and people are laughing in the background. The problem with such comidies is that they think by first joking about this community and them making a small correct statement they have done their part. Its like showing that whole mess is due to one anti gay person, correct him and problem is gone.

There is similar pattern in old tv shows about racism against blacks, there is one biased white person who makes racist comments. And you tackle him in the episode, he learns his lesson and problem is solved.