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yes we are alone, by Harold Ramis

Sometime someone you don’t even want to give any worthwhile credit says something which astounds you.

Yes, we’re alone in the universe. Life is meaningless, death is inevitable.¬†But is that necessarily so depressing? Harold Ramis

Although I don’t understand other part of the quote, but this one requires no explanation.

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Haiti, Quote and Mountain of the Dead

With all the grief this was one that I found very interesting,

Earlier, she said, one woman had run through¬†Jacmel’s streets screaming, “God, we know you can kill us! We know you’re strongest! You don’t need to show us!”

And one more thing the new estimate of death is much smaller than previous number. The new estimate given by bbc is 50,000

These people are really in need of help, everything is gone there

The Ministry of Finance: destroyed. The Ministry of Justice: destroyed. The Fire Department: destroyed.

The last part of the above article is makes you feel bad, what is worse than loosing the sense of grief.

I wish people of Haiti good luck.

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Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger on Charlie Rose

One Line Quote from the Bloomberg regarding will he run for the Mayor again, he said.

You spend time in the office to learn what could not be done and new person comes in the office thinking everything could be done. This is what keeps it energetic (last line is somewhat paraphrase of his words )

I was impressed by him atleast by his views. I do not what he does or what his company does. But at-least what he was saying were great.

Arnold said that “If I have gone to Japan, middle east or some where else I would have only done 10 percent of what I have done here (America)”

This is the power of America; it allows the people to do what they want to do. I helps them grow. Which is not possible in the other countries. My family (and many relatives) has lived and worked in the Middle East. I know how hard life is there. People spend there whole lives there, working toiling, building and buying the necessities of life. Setting their homes, making new friends, neighbors and new life. But in the end they have to come back to their country (where they are strangers) because Middle East does not allow people to become part of them.

To them these people are just workers, servants; and will never will become Nationals or equal to their own nationals. These people are most disturbed ones especially one who were even born there and who have not went to Pakistan not more than for one or two summer vacations.

I meet many such students, you can see that how difficult it is for them to identify themselves with anything. In papers they are Pakistani, but in their soul they are not.

This is what tells me how great America is.


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One Liner of the Day; By British PM

Well I do not need to say anything

Brown added, “The world owes George Bush a huge debt of gratitude” for his efforts against terrorists (


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Death and Writer “The Quote I read”

I was reading something on CNN and these comments had a great effect on me.

Both resonated with my thoughts about whatever you do; no matter how much popular you are; after death you are gone. You can not enjoy that fame, that wealth. But also this does not mean you should not do something worth remembering

“Every person hopes to be remembered after death. To artists, it’s a fantasy … a transcendence of death,” he says. “But now it seems like vanity.” Shakespeare, he observes, may live on in his plays, but almost 400 years after his passing, he remains dead, buried — and unaware of his fame.

But Vigderman, though expressing concern about the “appeal to prurience” innate in a pop memoir, has a kinder view. After all, she says, a curiosity about our fellow human beings is as old as mankind itself.

She quotes another writer gone since the 17th century, the Japanese poet Basho, to stress her point.

“It is deep autumn,” Basho wrote. “My neighbor/How does he live, I wonder.”

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