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Medea Benjamin

Deported by Pakistani’s and companion arrested in US, Medea Benjamin tells her ordeal of Pakistan’s travel.

The car pulled up to the Race Course Police Station, where more police threw open the gate and dragged us inside. Terrified, we found ourselves in the office of a shady-looking character in a running suit. He had on no badge or ID, but behind his desk was a framed certificate made out to Faizal Gulzar Awan, awarded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Great-he’d been trained by the FBI. That made us even more terrified!

So we have people trained by FBI to harass people of Pakistan. The story is important because if this can happen to the American National in Pakistan whose officials have used the SMS to discuss matters with the PM and President, what could happen to an ordinary citizen


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(Batton Charge) Lathi Charge on Student/Civil Society’s Protest

Just wanted to post this BBC video link about this because this link was in BBC urdu 

Only thing I will going to say about this is Wao, I am impressed by these people.

Its important that people know about these and see these videos, these are not Bearded men or veiled women, whom media can label as Extremist Muslims. I am never appologistic about people having beards and women having veils and protesting against government western or their own.

But importance of this video is that it shows people who are much closer to what Western society have habit to seeing around them, people wearing jeans and speaking English.

So what do you think about these people?

Do you think these people in any way represent what you call extremists or fundamentalists?

So my Western friends these are not the so-called  extremists who want to remove the Musharaf, its the civil society that wants to remove Army from the government.


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Arresting School Students

This is the video of School Students Being Arrested by the Pakistani police. This video consists of the pictures embeded in it. So its flow is not good, but its good video to watch and analyze that how the system could be behave against civilians.

The ending minute is where police arrested these students

Note how these students are peacefully protesting, infact I laud their way. More like Ghandhi’s style in his early days of Indian Politics.


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I know I will fail, but I wish……

I know I will fail, i.e. the student protests will fail.

Achieve nothing or may be something but not the complete victory i.e. restoration of judges. Many will go to jails, many will be beaten, kicked outside their institutions.

They will be able to bring the defiant face, put pressure. In the end, however, the country is run by the Politicians, people with big portfolios, Benazir, Nawaz, Chaudries and our most beloved (pun intended) Maulana Fazlur-Rehman. They will use this pressure as bargain chip and they will get the bargain.

But I am will not subdue my self because of end, I shall try to stand when I can and hope that the stars are in reach of my hand.

Far away from country, sitting in the Free Society of America, how easy is it for me to say these things.

I wish, I wish the momentum to increase, the pressure to increase,…..

But again I know we are no more than bargain chips.


Protest In Chicago: 11 November

Following is an email regarding the protest.

Dear All,

Public Policy Students at University of Chicago are organizing a protest on Sunday against the state of emergency in Pakistan. The protest will take place in front of Pakistan Consulate in Chicago i.e. 333 N Michicgan Ave., Chicago at 1:30 pm on Sunday (11th of November).



Peacefull == un-successfull?; Result of Student Protests

Once Gandghi admitted that his actions of non-voilence might have failed to get results if there was some other governament tha British (_). Dont assume that I am trying to play down the atrocities committed by the British Raj, but certainly they observed the rule of Law to certain extent.

Even then the non-violence movement of Gandhi was executed on the streets and roads. One other factor was involvement of masses. I apologies for using this word ‘masses‘ for public but people were used as mass that bogged down the movement of the government.

Unfortunately the government of both India and Pakistan have little consciousness to accept that protest could be peaceful.

Unfortunately our Government lives in heaven of circular arguments and contradictory assumptions, if someone comes on street they point out that Law and Order situation is being disturbed but if some one does the protest silently and peacefully then their argument is ‘see if public had any problem they would have come on streets’.

Till now the result is that; with 4th protest at LUMS, some protest at FAST, etc… these protest will not come into the notice of President or become important enough to be given some bashing from President. While we all feel that these are small but important steps, until they are inside the walls, there is no problem for the administration. And if its no problem then there is no resentment against government.

The psyche of peaceful protest and its effect could only be seen in the educated/conscious societies.


More Student Protests in Pakistan

I have come to know that many protests have been held and more protests have been arranged in universities of Pakistan.

The latest updates are being posted on the blog

Most important news to me is that the Punjab University of Information Technology (PUCIT) might be having a protest arranged on 9th of November.

PUCIT, FAST and LUMS have huge student body. Where LUMS ‘s students belong to many influential families of Pakistan, PUCIT have students from masses. And they have to face more pressure not only from Administration but also from their families, which dont have enough resources to get them out of jail. Their participation means that resentment against Mr. Musharaf is so deep that even the families with mediocre resources are allowing their children become part of ant-marital-law movement.

The hidden gem is that Punjab University student has a most vocal Political vocal body Islamic Jamiat-e-Taliba, which in some years has been more active in finding the students with bad morals and protesting on meaningless things. Due to alliance of Maulana’s and Govt. this political body might not move an inch.

But if students of PUCIT start protesting and they face some police action, IJT might be forced to come out, because many of these students live in the hostels, where they have close ties with students of IJT. Please note that IJT, is most structured student body spread all around Pakistan. They can play vital role if they are willing for it.

But with all this euphoria, I have sense of sadness, because I feel Benazir and Maulana’s will remain part of silent deal, they will protest for the Restoration of Constitution, but will not talk for the Restoration of Judiciary. So these student protests will end with nothing but becoming bargaining chip on the table of Political poker players


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