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Training your Dragon 2 and destiny stupidity

If you have not watched it yet,… well what are you waiting for, click it and watch it. Most interesting dragon and it’s rider is back (apologies to Khaleesi ).

But here the things damp me out, mother? that is dragon rescuer? His father is a leader of warrior clan, his mother is someone who has connection with the dragons?Why cannot we grow up from this destiny stupidity. He was son of the leader but he was self made, he did it himself, he was not born with it.

Lets grow up from the Lion king and Superman mentality. One does not need a family of heroes to be hero and his life does not need to be written before his birth for him to become wonderful.  It’s new age, new era, … we don’t need destinies! we need man and women with dreams! we need stories of people who make them real without born in royalty.

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Hobbit; Please don’t make it cartoonish

Hobbit’s new trailer has been released and it looks to have more elements, there more locations, more characters and more creatures. So hopefully this will remove dullness that encompassed the first Hobbit movie. The thing I was hoping they will be able to get better at in this movie is making it less cartoonish.

Unfortunately many scenes from the trailer shout fake. The 3D graphics are heavily part of the movie but they have been used in such a manner that film instead of looking like a real people movie using the 3D graphics it looks like 3D animation trying to give feel of real movie. My hunch is the graphics are sharp and clear, that’s what makes them look unreal. The rusty feeling, where not every edge is sharp not every corner has proper lighting; is not there.

Don’t take it wrong way, it still looks like an exciting movie to watch, but I will watch it with this disappointment that will raise his head again and again when it will watch a wonderful scene but instead of actors it will look like plastic dolls and instead of some good sets and mountains it will see heavy graphics of to be mountains.

It will be exciting movie, just looks like it might not be great one.

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