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Chewing your Way to Defeat; Afridi?

I switched to cricinfo just to check how badly Pakistan lose (did Australia took 20 overs or 30 overs to finish) before I go to sleep and I was what 5 down? really ?

Match was ON!

Shoaib Malik took the wicket.

They were throwing and fielding sharply. Lots of energy was visible on the field.  Afridi was looking as excited captain.

Then Rana Naveed took the wicket.

Wao! Pakistan is on the way of their first Win after so long.

But then they showed Afridi having ball in his mouth? and my hurt sunk.

At that moment I knew no matter Pakistan wins or lose, this match is tainted. It will not be remembered for how close this match was, but what was Pakistan’s captain doing.

As usual allegations started hurling in the chat rooms.  Old Mud was prodded. Someone threw in that Waqar’s reverse swing was just due to bottle caps, someone came with that all the times India was defeated because Pakistani’s were ball tempering. All the effort that has gone in the issue where many players worked very hard in defending Pakistan

And he is standing on the field doing this?

The most amazing was the explanation, although he apologized but said well everyone does that.

Frankly I don’t want to see him as Captain, not atleast for sometime.  He had 2 match suspension previously also for trying to temper the Pitch.

People with these attitudes should not be our Captain, they will have worse effect on the players playing under them

See Rana Naveed, he is looking what is Afridi doing and did not told him not to do that?

Why the hell Rana, let him do that?

Either he was accomplice or did not wanted to say something to his captain.

If later is the case then, this is perfect reason not to make Afridi Captain for some time. PCB should show some spine and make this issue important. It will be interesting to see all those people whose (including mine) egos are hurt when someone hurls some allegations on the Pakistani players.

It will be interesting to see, how they react. Where 2 Day ban is legal, he should be punished more not by banning but by not making captain for some time.

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