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These Birds Walk; will take you land of sweat truth

These Birds Walk; will take you land of sweat truth

After watching “These Birds Walk” I realized nothing till now has made me remember my country.

Filmmaker captured parts of my country as they are. The streets were similar to ones I have spent my childhood, bazars had same crowd, “chips” floor were of same color I have seen in so many houses (I could feel the cold touch when you step on them bare foot). And kids fighting, how many of those I have had with my brother, cousins, …. when you are wrestling with all the energy and in the sudden all the anger is gone. “meri chapal kahan hea” (where is my sandal) such small things that started punching match. “Chor deah warna Muka marun ga” I must have said it. And Masar (black lentils) and rice in an aluminum plate .
Many times in film I felt I could smell dust of roads and sweat of people sitting with no electricity in humid summer night; while sitting in air-conditioned theater in Gainesville.

These Birds Walk

Such wonderful movie about great work being done by Edhi. Interestingly gives extremely short time to Edhi and just makes you feel how that work is impacting people of Pakistan. It shows how high people regard him in Pakistan, one of rarest human beings which people feel is like them; might be that’s what greatness is. I wish this film could put him in the light he deserves

Documentary does not try to show in good colors or bad, it shows us how we are people in dirty clothes, dirty city, but innocent, loving, caring humans, it shows us what we are. and we are beautiful, lens captures it much better than million dollar PR campaign


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Hobbit; Please don’t make it cartoonish

Hobbit’s new trailer has been released and it looks to have more elements, there more locations, more characters and more creatures. So hopefully this will remove dullness that encompassed the first Hobbit movie. The thing I was hoping they will be able to get better at in this movie is making it less cartoonish.

Unfortunately many scenes from the trailer shout fake. The 3D graphics are heavily part of the movie but they have been used in such a manner that film instead of looking like a real people movie using the 3D graphics it looks like 3D animation trying to give feel of real movie. My hunch is the graphics are sharp and clear, that’s what makes them look unreal. The rusty feeling, where not every edge is sharp not every corner has proper lighting; is not there.

Don’t take it wrong way, it still looks like an exciting movie to watch, but I will watch it with this disappointment that will raise his head again and again when it will watch a wonderful scene but instead of actors it will look like plastic dolls and instead of some good sets and mountains it will see heavy graphics of to be mountains.

It will be exciting movie, just looks like it might not be great one.

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Sultan Rahi and Principal of Evil Marksmanship

It seems all effects of Sultan Rahi not dented by single bullet and Ametab being able to successfully destroy whole Island of villain has a proper name, it is called Principal of Evil Marksmanship. Wikipedia explains and details it very nicely.

The term first appeared in film critic Roger Ebert‘s 1980 book “Little Movie Glossary”,[1] and had been submitted by Jim Murphy of New York. It was defined as:

The bad guys are always lousy shots in the movies. Three villains with Uzis will go after the hero, spraying thousands of rounds which miss him, after which he picks them off with a handgun.

So finally I know the name of the art being followed by our film heroes (yes I still call it film, Guardian does it too). Although Hollywood is also pron to it (that’s why they have name for it 🙂 ) but somehow their films execute same idea quite gracefully. I remember a scene in which Sultan Rahi and her female accomplice were avoiding bullets by just bending down quickly. Not once but again and again.


Other interesting terms on the same page are Stormtrooper Effect and One-at-a-time Attack Rule. Last one is most interesting because you see it all the time in movies.  Shahrukh Khan, Ametabh, Dharmendar and even Jackie Chen, they all fight one to one, now they have progressed to 2 at a time. 3 people attacking at same time is rarity. And why the hell only one person in whole gang has the gun, and all the guys are fighting to get it; if you remember last scene of Don (original version).

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