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The morning after the big win

Hi Dear students,

I hope you have watched the Pak vs India match. I did too. I cheered and celebrated lifelines, wickets, and boundaries. A day has passed since the victory.

The euphoria of win must have not left when Pakistan has opened eyes in the morning. The victory over the arch-rival, victory which many of us wanted but some part of us was not expecting, should have left you exuberant, full of energy, hopeful.

Was there not a hint of disbelief that today day is just another day? How it could be? it ought to be Eid or National Day or even better an unexpected holiday because some big-wig passed away. There should have been an extra kick in your walk.

I have woke on many such mornings, sometimes morning after a victory or day after an exhilarating display of talent; Ah!  when Pakistan won the World Cup, that win in the Hockey Champions Trophy,  Saqlain’s momentous effort with Wasim, Shoaib bringing South Africa to knees in a single over, Jahangir Khan defeating Jahansher, Junoon….

But you should ask a question why? To be fair, it’s not the biggest win, just 4 matches? it cannot change future of the nation, cannot remove corrupt, not produce enough energy, cure cancer, …  reduce a long list of disappointments, but it’s a win leaving you with unexplained joyous feeling. You must be feeling that wave of invincibility, that anything is in grasp, good can happen, we can win, we can crush and we can achieve.

Let not that belief of invincibility pass you. If you let it pass, it will be a just memory. The memory where 11 players did something wonderful and rest of us just joined into celebrations. Or you can ride the wave of this belief, bravado, and confidence. As they say, monetize it.

I want us to

Hold on to the moment of confidence when Shadab asked for a review, that confidence, that air of faith in one’s actions. How many moments you will have that confidence when you are typing your results or being questioned about your experiments? or about your views, political or scientific?

Hold on to the effort Fakhar put in when he was given lifeline, let it your effort when you have floated around your semesters without failing in last few years due to luck. Let it be replaced by hard work, full of concentration, day after day, ball after ball, quiz after quiz, experiment after experiment, mockery after mockery, …

Hold on to Aamir’s effort to put himself back in the arena after being caught in a match-fixing, humiliating his nation and perhaps himself too. His talent might be God given, but his effort is not, he was not born with the daily practice he puts in. You should ask the question, how many hours you have spent on your manuscript? or sweat in library solving those equations.  Understand the frustration Sarfaraz must have felt every time he has to tell his colleagues, please play with some responsibility; and still have not lost his nerve.

And hold on to Hardik Pandya’s effort for the lost cause, … not all the efforts get you victories, but they are important. (remember Wahab Riaz’s bowling in last world cup, it will be unfortunate that he might be remembered for that, but that bowling left everyone mesmerized)

Hold on to all or one of them and make it yours … otherwise,  few years down the road these will be just “what were you doing when…” memories.

Be a  dreamer, be humble … and show up every morning for a fight.

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What’s going around in with Trott and Broad

They in practical destroyed Pakistan’s or I should say Aamir’s efforts. Just right now while I am typing these words, Saeed Ajmal has taken Broad’s wicket. Broad has scored 2nd best score in the Test History for the 9th batsman.  Gets huge reception from the crowd.

Great, Great knock.

Trott is still there, standing strong with 180.

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Section 144, Should Politics be stopped by fear of terrorism

There comes section 144, again in the context of best interest of Pakistan.  Govt. is saying that they cant allow long march because of the fear of the terrorism. Well they are right, there should not be any such political activity when there is fear of terrorism.

But I remember the day Benazir returned to Pakistan she was told to reduce her activity, not go for the big rally and she did not listened. Then PPP put blame on the government. Then again it was advised by that times govt. to reduce the public exposure because there is threat on her life but she did not.  Lot of my friends were of view that she has every right to hold the political rally, that’s how the elections are fought, that’s how the politics works; you go and talk to people, you go and meet people, show your public muscle.

I then thought they were wrong, I now also think govt. has right to stop such public activities if there is clear danger of terrorism. But question is are they imposing the Section 144 with positive intent? Will imposing Sect. 144 save the Pakistan from terrorism?

It does not look that this govt. has any more positive intent than that of the previous govt., which by the was zero.But leaders of the political rallies should think and be responsible for the life and safety of their participants.Routs, security guards should be marked. There should be clear emergency plan. We dont want anything that happened in two of the Benazir’s rallies.

But unfortunately Govt. going for kill by starting the arrests, blocking the paths does not allow any room where both can work out details of the program.

Unfortunately the elements of state that should work to protect the people become too busy protecting government that they forget to protect state.


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Arresting School Students

This is the video of School Students Being Arrested by the Pakistani police. This video consists of the pictures embeded in it. So its flow is not good, but its good video to watch and analyze that how the system could be behave against civilians.

The ending minute is where police arrested these students

Note how these students are peacefully protesting, infact I laud their way. More like Ghandhi’s style in his early days of Indian Politics.


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More Student Protests in Pakistan

I have come to know that many protests have been held and more protests have been arranged in universities of Pakistan.

The latest updates are being posted on the blog

Most important news to me is that the Punjab University of Information Technology (PUCIT) might be having a protest arranged on 9th of November.

PUCIT, FAST and LUMS have huge student body. Where LUMS ‘s students belong to many influential families of Pakistan, PUCIT have students from masses. And they have to face more pressure not only from Administration but also from their families, which dont have enough resources to get them out of jail. Their participation means that resentment against Mr. Musharaf is so deep that even the families with mediocre resources are allowing their children become part of ant-marital-law movement.

The hidden gem is that Punjab University student has a most vocal Political vocal body Islamic Jamiat-e-Taliba, which in some years has been more active in finding the students with bad morals and protesting on meaningless things. Due to alliance of Maulana’s and Govt. this political body might not move an inch.

But if students of PUCIT start protesting and they face some police action, IJT might be forced to come out, because many of these students live in the hostels, where they have close ties with students of IJT. Please note that IJT, is most structured student body spread all around Pakistan. They can play vital role if they are willing for it.

But with all this euphoria, I have sense of sadness, because I feel Benazir and Maulana’s will remain part of silent deal, they will protest for the Restoration of Constitution, but will not talk for the Restoration of Judiciary. So these student protests will end with nothing but becoming bargaining chip on the table of Political poker players


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