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my discourteous neighbor

Talat rightly put Pernam-Mukharjee’s remarks discourteous. I will say they are less descourteous more reveiling of negative intent. Unfortunately it is we who are being targeted and Mukharjee’s message has been it is you who are responsible for them. And it is not only him, it has been overall response from India, IBN-CNN was interviewing one of their minister and he was saying that it is indirect acceptance of guilt by Pakistan.If  you visit different blogs the messages left by Indians were more like this was due to happen because Pakistan didnot responded to it’s obligation in Mumbai Attacks.They kept on using this event as pressure tactic. 5 Police officers have died in this event and our neighbor was not able to come up with any sympthetic refrence to the Pakistani people. Infact messages appear to be connecting these events to the religion. 

Pakistan’s behavior was quite different when Mumbai attacks happened, people were sympathetic even when the India’s language was offensive. We felt that innocent people have died.  I have many Indian friends and I shared my sorrow on the Mumbai attacks with them. And this time one of my Indian friend actualy sent me link informing me what is going around. I am thankful for them, I wished their government was also such friendly.

I thing Paksitan should respond in some strict manner, not point finger but be vigilent.

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