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Breaking Bad’s Mr. White was at peace in the end; should I care?

After the last episode of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan said that main character was at peace in the end, I realized how disillusioned the whole concept of the story is. Although through out the story we have only seen Walter White behaving like villain only when it was necessary, we have been given reason atleast of his action. Listening to that reason we pat our bad feelings for the character down, that’s how the life is we tell ourselves. Good people have to do bad things only when pushed to extremes, to protect themselves, to protect their family, etc … 

Well his hands are clean, he is not the one hustling on the streets, he is not the one fighting for the corners where the small packets of his products are sold. We are comfortably blinded to customers of his pure product, what effect it must be having on them. They and their families, indirect casualties, don’t appear in front of us, so they play no measure while we are evaluating Walter White. 

Saying he is flawed character is giving him quite a leeway. Unlike Sopranos where we clearly knew the main character is also villain here the line is fuzzy. Where no one is going to be saying he was good guy, it will be far difficult to find anyone saying he is a bad guy. We will be discussing what a genius master mind he was, even till the end he kept on weaving the threads; instead of how evil he was. Even I had lot much sympathy for the character till the end that should not have been there. 

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